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    For those who are not completely sure if this is real -John Cruz reveals the complete story of IDENTITY THEFT AND FRAUD IN GLOBAL BANKING_ It isn’t everyday that you get to see a major international bank engage in bank fraud and money laundering on a massive scale, but this was my experience at HSBC. I had worked at HSBC for nearly a year before I was placed over a different set of branches in Suffolk County, NY. What I found in these branches was an intertwined web of deceit and outright fraud that had implications up into the higher echelons of the company. When I reported the fraud I found to my supervisors I was effectively silenced, at times I was locked out of the computer systems. I was eventually fired. But this was not before I fully documented how a major international bank abuses their power and funnels great sums of money through multiple accounts in their local branches while using a culture of corruption to frighten and compromise otherwise law abiding employees. I came forward because it was my job as a senior business relationship manager to maintain and develop relationships with our small to medium customers. But what I learned as I went forward in my job was that many of these customers did not actually exist; or their companies were using fraudulent tax IDs, stolen Social Security Numbers and fraudulent tax documentation. The sums of money that channeled through their accounts were far too large for people at the bank not to know what was happening, and as I began to press the topic up the chain of command not only did I receive death threats, but I learned the names of those within the bank who were both enabling and committing fraud and money laundering on a massive scale. I was up against a culture that turned even otherwise good employees against me, but I wouldn’t allow the crimes to go on with my tacit approval. I had to speak up. World Banking World Fraud will expose the lies and secrets that I discovered and hopefully bring to light the crimes of a bank that believes it?s above the law. This is a bank in fact whose own internal auditors told me had two billion dollars set aside to pay the fines handed out by the federal government so that their crimes would never actually see the light of day. After all, when you funnel multiple billions of dollars every year, two billion in fines is just the cost of doing business./John Cruz — World Banking World Fraud – Experts / /

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    Very interesting article

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