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Let's fuck them in the streets

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    I have an idea of a paper that can be handed out like they used to in the old school conspiracy days. I’m the paperclipped papers would be the information and references on the accounts and how they made us fuckin slaves. Also, all their other obvious bullshit like 9/11. The paper would be free for all. Anyone down to discuss this plan further? Harvey? Lol

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    Harvey Dent

    Sounds like a good idea. Any way to get the info out there even more than we are you know I am down with. If it is going to be a handout, they should already be engaged somehow before handing them a piece of paper that will turn their views upside down expecting them to read AND understand it.

    I was thinking something like a meetup or rally. City by city. Take the nation over.

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    Yeah that’s a good point, can’t rattle their cage off the bat. However I’ve got a couple ideas to get people interested, but am not comfortable discussing here. I trust the FAM but can’t tell who’s lurking. If you would like to discuss the Idea further, feel free to send an email when you get some free time.

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    Can someone explain to me why no one is bombarding social media every day with this information.
    It would seem to be the fastest way to get the info out there.
    I know people are chatting this up on FB but is anyone posting to their wall the successes they have have?

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    Social media is a big part of the campaign to get the message out. But, at the same time I’ve posted screenshots to FB and Twitter of being linked to the accounts and a ton of
    links t further evidence. Nobody seems to give a crap either way. When I do get a response its the generic “well, there’s nothing we can do about it”.

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    hi all.

    I have this idea that popped in my head Why don’t we all call Heather ann tucci on an agreed day and time, to the jail she is held at and bombard them with demands.If at least say minimum 300 of us did that on that same day, It will introduce the fear of God in them.Lets do it let us organize.It will have some impact, I believe.

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