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    Rational Culture
    Rational Culture

    Hi guys, this article is from the federal reserve, imf, jacob rothschild etc
    In my opinion they say if you come with proof of being a priority creditor
    they will allow you to have joint account with them.

    Thats like finding the guy who stole your TV and now you have to go to his house cause he’s going to
    let you watch it. They just don’t get it. They have perpetrated fraud against us.
    Just because we know now doesn’t let them go free and they think they just
    have to get our consent. Like they did before we knew.

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    Awfully sick MFers aren’t they?

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    Howdy Ya’ll,

    Just found this on the Federal Reserve Services site,,,just released TODAY 8.17.17. Thought this might be of interest to ALL of us. Hope it helps. Check out the part that is in the first paragraph about….

    Operating Circular 4 (OC4), Automated Clearing House Items. In addition, the
    file transmission deadlines previously reflected in a table within Appendix B of OC4 have been moved to the publically available Federal Reserve Financial Services site, and all references within the Operating Circular will now be to the FedACH® Processing Schedule

    Peace and Good Luck to us All..

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