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IFM Live Stream

IFM Live Stream


  1. Sassman2

    How did it go at the bank today?

    • Blondie22wheeles

      Go watch the video on YouTube hope he posts it on here soon. It was awesome! Home run. He had the bank woman prove that we have accounts., well he does in his name anyways. Don’t miss it. Everyone is referencing him.

    • Keishe

      Yazzz it did

  2. Jshavers0627

    What is wrong with the Live broadcast its not working I can’t watch any of the videos


      I can’t see live videos either

    • Rational Culture

      Harvey and webdesign girl are still working the kinks out, webdesign girl managed to put this site up initially in only less than a week
      When normally that sort of thing could easily take at least a month!

      Don’t worry we are in good hands, and the live stream will be better than ever soon I’m sure!
      And they will be finishing the website soon as it is likely an ongoing work in progress

      Thank you everyone so much for your patience!
      stay tuned !

      • Darkwallstreet


      • Jcpaints

        we are the beta testers. thanks Harvey , web design girl ,rational culture and all the brothers and sisters motu proprio

        • Rational Culture

          🙂 TY

          • Raajeweler cant log in today. The system said the raajeweler name does not exist. WTH. LET ME KNOW, tried to reset twice, hmmm WOW. ARE THOSE PEOPLE HACKIN AGAIN.They hacked my fakebook so says their support. Damn I hope its me, user error.

      • Eloisacelina

        I can’t either. Used to be able to. Think the recent changes knocked some of us out. Ty

        • Is anyone having problems logging in today. Wow

    • Who dat

      I’m using a cell phone…I had the same problem but now it works for me like this..hold your finger on the video till the options pop up,then press,”open new tab”….hope this helps.

  3. Jshavers0627

    Does anyone have any information on this

    • Rational Culture

      information on…the live stream? it being worked on! thanks so much for your patience
      keep checking back for an update it will working more smoothly soon enough!

      • Nightwing39

        Would know what are we to ask when we contact telecheck? Are we just asking to update our account with them as we are the business?

  4. Quadman

    For those who haven’t heard the call: Current Info On Case –
    Heather Ann Tucci Very Positive Motions Forward , Original Flows !

  5. Branka

    Hi Harvey, The Federal Reserve in UsA have accounts of American People… is Bank of England in UK and Europeans etc Central Banks holds those accounts too. Thanks.

  6. Stebo317

    Ayyyy! Anybody from Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana here?

  7. Keishe

    Just caught a utube Harvey says he bout to do live stream but where to find him

    • Rational Culture

      so when you click in the bar at the top of the screen where it says livestream, once you are at that page if he is livestreaming you will see a new title on the video and youll click play, if its an old livestresm and not live anymore you will see the same title down at the row of old livestream videos, lol i hope that made sense, Im gonna try and make a tutorial for the site soon !

  8. LoveTOYA

    Unable to stream the live feed or previous recordings…. is there an ongoing issue with the site, just need to confirm nothing is blocking me from viewing on my end.

  9. Jay Bey


  10. Jpullman

    Is this where he meant by “you know where”?

  11. Jonzee334

    Motuuuuu PROPRIooooooo

  12. MsKaren

    Hi, Harvey. How are you doing?

  13. Dariel

    Go live

  14. Cosb736329

    I been having trouble getting his vids to play but used open in new tab or window they play fine

  15. Irwin4u

    Hi, Harvey this might be crzy for me to suggest but what if our SS# was a master key to all banks. Thank about it the
    Fed’s onw (us) and gets to create money. (all of it) From owning the people (cash cow). So all of the money comes
    from the Fed’s wich gets it from the people. I’m saying our SS# is a master key, and will work with all routing numbers.

  16. Sickofdebt

    R34 Code…. How to contest it? My account is flagged for payment of my vehicle. Please advise.

    • Rational Culture

      R34 means limited participation, however not invalid account…just keep that in mind. it basically means the institution you tried to send payment to does not allow for ACH transactions from the federal banks.
      as for what to do about it…well let’s all brainstorm …ready….GO!

      (sorry I haven’t gotten this far yet myself I wish I could give you more info from personal experience on how to handle these Jackasses)
      You “could” open your own TDA account..”called a master account” only after you file a SPC /UCC-1 .( research what a PMSI agreement is if you want to go that route ) but they kinda make you sell your soul a little before they will “let” you…there’s many pros and cons though you’ll want to review all the plausibilities!

      you can use the TDA master account which you have to open in the presence of a financial officer to be the go between
      from you the feds and your strawman..hope that made sense lol

      I don’t believe you can sue them as an individual ( not class action cuz it get thrown out that way) we should actually SUE them for fraudulently using your title since your birth if you agree to the SPC btw

      • Americandebtslave

        Rational, have you done this process? I’m curious about the process, I’ve not heard we could do that and access our accounts before? It doesn’t matter if you have, or if you know of someone who has, just wondering if anyone has successfully done this that will tell the rest of us more about the process they went through and the outcome. Thanks, I’ll research those document numbers you provided in the mean time.

      • Cosb736329

        What’s the SPC?

  17. Shmeenix

    Richie from Boston made a video with you as a sub topic Harvey. He wants you to contact him.

  18. NRod

    Good-day IFM FAM. @HarvyDent . Just felt the need to say please be cautious when talking to that Boston ch. I know nothing about him. Just a feeling in my Gut(literally) . PEACE LOVE&LIGHT GODSPEED

    • Admin

      I hear you family. Don’t worry, Harvey always keeps a buffer jic

      Thank you for your concern though 😉

      • Eloisacelina

        I feel cut off from Harvey & his live shows. Cell & tablet squish the live feed video to 1/5 the screen. Cant get it to play or see much. Yep going through withdrawls.


    Attention to… “Richie from boston” and “Harvy Dent” and all the other like minded people… It would be nice if we could all come together at the same time and I know a way how to do that… I would like to talk with Harvy or Richie Or both first and help fill in all the blanks and answer everybody’s questions that need answering… My email address is…… We will start here and hope to get to talk on the phone to Richie or Harvy or both soon… To get on your radio or chatline or video so all can Hear and See the truth and the sooner the better… I am just a messenger… So, dont shoot the messenger please…lol… I have come out of the closet with correct answers and I have all kinds of answers for about every topic you can think of… For instance… When Your (Everybody’s) Payments go through and we all get confirmation numbers of them being “Payed In Full”… (Pre-Paid Accounts) From our Federal Reserve Account’s… That proves the bank did its job… So, When and if it gets Reversed… Should’nt we ask for Confirmation number’s where the Money got put back in the Account… So, We can do Balanced Book Adjustment’s…lol… Hell yea… They will not be able to prove it, which in turn… “YOU WIN”… Or… “WE WIN”… It is not the Banks that are Reversing the Payments… It is the Place of business… So, they can double dip and triple dip in to your accounts hoping you will give up… “Never Give Up”… By doing Commercial Transactions with your accounts that you don’t even realize they have already done… when the accounts are used… There is always Bank’s and state and local and IRS forms they use in every commercial transaction… Even in the court system… I will be leaving tomorrow for a three day tour and will be back on Sunday evening hoping to get to talk to you all at the same time real soon… I hope and pray that I have already started answering some of your questions… May God Save And Bless Us All Today… Signed.., Prince Charming… aka… Robert… Smiles…

    • Wingmachine19

      Awesome man thank you

    • Admin

      Yeah, I’ve done the whole checks and balances thing. Basically any entity that gave me a problem when paying using the FRB account, I requested a transaction history report from. I have about 6 or 7 thus far and more on the way. I’m building my case against the Fed and all its co-conspirators. While the courts will never prosecute/convict their crooked asses, the court of public opinion will. One day there will be an opportunity to air it all

      • Americandebtslave

        You’re right about that Harvey, I’m letting everyone I know that they have one of these accounts, and that my man Harvey has done it, and verified the existence of the account. I think because of the fact that this truly is the craziest shit that has ever happened to any of us hands down, many people I tell think I’m a frickin nutz…


        I was talking about when you have them on the phone and they tell you a confirmation number and you take note of the funds have been payed… Mean while if it gets reversed… Call them on the phone and tell them you need a confirmation right now that the funds was put back… There you go… However, all I get back is… Love Letters thanking me for allowing them to use my bank account…lol… Even from the I.R.S. Love Letters too…lol… Wouldnt you really like to know…lol… We do not let them tell us… “WE TELL THEM”… Gotta know who you really are to pull this off… Im just a messenger… Smiles… If you do not have all the answers of the real truth… Evel can since that and eat you alive… They tried to sentence me with 110 years and a million dollar fine and living longer than mosses and laughing about it… and when I was finished with them… “EVEL DOERS”… GOVERNMENT RULERS”… They told me… “YOU ARE FREE TO GO”… and never come back here again or call either…lol… I won the battle against evel… They work for us… They are all… “PUBLIC SERVANTS”… “ONLY”… We have all the power “OVER THEM”… You have no power if you let them tell you… Signed.., Happy Camper… 🙂

    • Admin

      as far as the convo with Richie. He and I have only spoken once. We are trying to set up another call that works for us, but right now, we’re both swamped

    • JosephIanMcClain

      Hey Robert this is Joseph Ian McClain my email address is i am very intrigued and interested to learn all I can about how to truly be free as well as banking and gaining ownership over my accounts with various Banks as well as the bonds and certificates the blonde my strawman I am a disabled man a federal judge found me disabled an amputee I have an upcoming court case as well as lawsuit I’m wanting to file for violating my civil rights like I said all the help I can get the better if you have helpful information for me please contact me at the email I left above thank you and God bless you too sir good night

      • Go file the serial number off of another stolen gun, my brutha’


        The best way is go to… “Winston Strout” and… Study… Study… Study… And then go to… “Carl Miller”… and… Study… Study… Study… As far as Civil Rights… There is no such thing… We all have… “God Given Rights”… and most people do not have a clue what God Given Rights Are… Thats sad… However, as far as being a amputee… You can regrow Limbs… Go to Youtube and punch in regrowing Arms or Legs or Limbs… If you have no luck there… Go to…… and… May God Save And Bless Us All… A Messenger…


    Your welcome Wingmachine… Yoo… Hoo… Come out… Come out… Where ever you are?… Harvy and Richie… Whereisu?…lol… Hope and pray to talk with you all soon… May God Save And Bless Us All Today… Amen… (Amen means… So Be It…)… Smiles…

  21. VonZip

    I think we got blocked on Fidelity. couldn’t find my 533 different accounts like i did the other night. more fuckery? or I’m doing something wrong. Any idea’s anyone?

    • Admin

      Lol Fidelity wouldnt even let me create an account. Fuckers

  22. Bettyn2girls

    Any ideas on which credit card is safe to use?

  23. Lily97

    More YouTube Bravo Sierra. Steemit!

  24. RobNice

    Can you send out a alert when you go live?

    • Admin

      I will start doing that now. Thanks for the suggestion

  25. Jay28

    when do you go live? i have missed every one on your web page, i see someone already asked for alerts.
    other then that nice site, VERY interesting info, all my stuff got reversed. want to learn more on how ACH work as point
    of authenticity and why they go threw but dont stick at least not for me. good stuff, keep it up, you got my attention

  26. Admin

    Hahaha. I was just about to post something announcing the live schedule. I will be on tonight from 8-9 Pacific

    • Jay28

      my cousin and i do that a lot, he says its the “MINDS” linking up, lol

    • Taya124

      Hi Harvey!
      I found something at the thrift store today…Bank Officer’s Handbook of Comercial Banking Law…..I have tried reading it but my stressed out brain is not absorbing it at all!!! Would you like this book or is there someone else who has the capacity to decipher this book???


        Can I have the book?… Thank you… You (We All) are a private banker and also a central bank for the federal reserve banks and the I.R.S… The I.R.S. is bankers too… For balanced book adjustments to Zero every day… Just like a bank… I would like to have your book to do more research… Study… Study… Study… If thats ok with you?… 🙂

    • Research

      where are you streaming?

  27. Archer70

    hey Harvey are you going to put that video up here that they took down yesterday on screwtube

  28. DrD

    You rock Harvey! And to all of you Elders. Rock on! Im just wondering as I am new here…. is there a template for the Moto Proprio letter?

    And I cannot find an open Factualized Trust template on Heathers site. A comrade tried sending me the I-UV docs 6 times in every file type…. even loaded a memory stick and the damn things wont open. Fucking with me

  29. DrD

    my email is if anyone could send pertinent aforementioned docs

  30. JosephIanMcClain

    Hey Harvey thank you for the credit union routing numbers and thank you for all you do man I need a better explanation on how to handle reversals I’ve read in your comments about the form but I’m pretty slow dude I can use big words but I’m honest with myself I’m pretty slow and this is all kind of overwhelming it’s a mountain of information I haven’t filed any ucc’s or done any of the birth certificate stuff because I’m currently in Tennessee but was born in Pontiac Michigan and just moved back from San Diego California so as you can imagine I’m having a hard time getting my freaking disability check right now I get SSI not a lot but it was enough for me when I live in California and then it was about $1,000 a month they cut it in half by me moving back to Tennessee so I am in need of getting things like paying internet bills and getting a laptop and all the other various things I also have an upcoming court case case and you’re my friend on Facebook I’ll message you on messenger if you times eyemagine your swamp so I’m not worried about you not messaging me back I know you’re cool but yeah man I got some upcoming stuff I know you got your own situation going on with your kids and what not Simplicity to help me navigate the mountain of information would be f****** awesome my email is Joseph Ian McClain at all lower case no spaces thank you

    • You need to get yo’ ass on the 3:10 to Yuma.

    • Research

      check out the fb ach secret accounts unleashed group. lots of info there..

      here is a letter I saw today to send the banks who do reversals “Response Sent To Companies that have Reversed or Returned your Payment

      To Cash Accounting,

      My name is Jimmie Santiago, and I’m the sole/legal owner, and the original title holder of this account. I’m making you aware that no one has the authority to use these accounts, or stop payments but me.

      As to the payment/s in question, I have proof that you received (3) payment/s from my Trust Account #(Your SOCIAL SECURITY ##), name on record (YOUR NAME IN CAPS). The amount charged to said trust account, total a sum of $889.49 for Century Link Account #407242093. I would like to retain $538.48 and the rest to be applied to my August statement.

      Along with this letter, I’m including a page from my Factualized Trust, a pdf document from the SUPREME PONTIFF FRANCIS titled – MOTU PROPRIO, and the ACH FEDWIRE rules of regulations found in the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve Bank, Proof of Identity, also a copy of email correspondence with the confirmation order number’s from your company.

      I’m still interested in receiving my merchandise if at all possible, if not here is my banking information, so you can send a refund for monies received by your company.

      Bank Name:
      Acct #:

      I hope to resolve this matter before it escalates, you have 10 days from this date to prove that you did not receive the funds, failure to provide A. Forensic Audit defined by GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) or B. RECREDIT of my payment in “Good Standing” Status RESULTS IN DAMAGES TO ME EQUAL TO THREE (3) TIMES THE AMOUNT OF MY PAYMENT.



      end of letter

      • ForlornGirl

        where do I find this specifically…I can only find on little bit (a paragraph). Please help

  31. Only1ofME

    Hey, Harvey! I wanted to know how I could chat with you while live streaming. What app or site do you use? Do I need to join a group to have access? I hope you have someone to help answer questions and everything. You definitely need an assistant.

  32. ItsMeMello

    I can’t see the last digits of Union numbers.. can someone let me know.. idk whats uo… Thank you…..

  33. NRod

    This re- lit the flames for me. Courtesy of Anonymous

  34. Levitate

    #Blogtalkradio family we on a different platform and now u can actually call in 915-205-9958 look us up..

    • Levitate

      My bad y’all it’s 915 205 5528…….

      • Admin

        I just tried the number. It’ just rang and rang and rang. You have set broadcasting times?

        • Levitate

          For some reason it stop working. but we got a second channel on youtube levitate ent we going live at 6:30

          • Levitate

            Both channels are going to be used but the original channel blocked for 2 weeks lol…

        • Cosb736329

          Urgent to Harvey I looked up the 2013 motu proprio few days ago I seen the last statement on it was release funds to the people. I wish I’d printed it I think they have to it down cause I’ve tried like hell to find it again to print it and I can not find it please tell me you have a copy of so plz post it or email it to me. Thank you

    • Admin

      Bro I just left you a message on YT. Check it and delete it when you’re done.

  35. RobNice

    I can help you with the t-shirt store. Checkout my t-shirt store, It’s super easy to sent up.

  36. LightTomorrowToday

    Hey Harvey! This is Ramona, Mod with ACH Group. We are having a Conference Call shortly, we would like you to join us! We just established our BANK! We want you to speak to the group on you updates, join the family at 7:30pm cst. Hey Harvey’s family reach out to Harvey and join us as well.
    Join the meeting:
    Conference ID: 973-752-709 #

  37. Marye

    FYI Harvey, youtube keeps buffering your new re return channel, had to refresh every 20 seconds.

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