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I Paid My Bills With My Secret Money

I Paid My Bills With My Secret Money

That’s right! I Paid My Bills With My Secret Money that I didn’t even know I had.  Have you ever been short on cash or wondering how you were going to pay a bill?  Well I was in the exact same place about a month ago when wouldn’t you know it? A secret got plopped in my lap.

And just like that, I had not only taken care of a few of my bills, but proven to others beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they too had accounts held at the Federal Reserve.  Just knowing that should give everyone a greater understanding of exactly what happens with that birth certificate after you receive only a certified copy

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2 Comments on "I Paid My Bills With My Secret Money"

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Do I have to first file my birth certificate authentication before paying bills using the routing# and SS#? What if one is a naturalized citizen? How can one get authentication of B.C.?

Thank you so much Harvey.


Hey Harvey, I went to that big bank you spoke of and could not find anywhere to enter my account info to see if it is listed and accurate. Can you help with locating the proper site?? Thank you for all you do . Blessings