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Someone Else Speaking Truth

Someone Else Speaking Truth

I’m not usually the type to just put someone else out there like this…UNLESS what that person is spitting is straight, verifiable fire. I don’t know who this guy is, don’t know where he came from, but I do know someone that knows their shit when they’re talking it. This guy kinda knows his shit

Again, I encourage everyone to do their own research to discover their own path. This guy asks for NO MONEY, isn’t trying to send anyone to another site nor is he trying to work any angle other than helping those that seek it.

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Welcome to the Intellectual Freedom Movement. I’m your host, Harvey Dent, and I thank each and every one of you for exploring your curiosity by making your way to this site. HD

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I have seen eeon 2’s material and videos previously. I’m half way through this particular video. But it occurred to me….the Treasury Direct website has a page entitled “Bogus Sight Drafts/ Bills of Exchange Drawn on the Treasury” . I was just curious if Harvey, eeon2, or any of you reading this has received any legal warnings from the Treasury, FRB, or any other alphabet entity out there after you have attempted to make any payments from your TDA? I have not….and I am asking because this page on Treasury Direct seems to make a large issue out of… Read more »