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State of Emergency Announced in Virginia Over a Damn Statue

State of Emergency Announced in Virginia Over a Damn Statue

Just to slam an exclamation point on how divided we, as a people are, a STATE OF EMERGENCY is declared in Virginia after ‘far right’ activists gathered to protest the removal of the Robert E Lee statue.  Canisters of pepper spray, an entire army of black-clothed ‘law men’ with 5 foot high shields and very concerning grins on their faces.  Oh I’m sure they live for these moments, when they can unlawfully slam other people around because they were just following orders

Did I see what I think I saw?  Had the KKK walking around and stuff?  You know, some things are just too weird to not have to question.  We have a state of emergency declared because of what?  There is no free speech in this country any more.  They are pushing it further and further into damnation.  I would have to say that this event looks almost instigated.

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3 Comments on "State of Emergency Announced in Virginia Over a Damn Statue"

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They are talking “domestic terrorism” again, I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t set up to further the censorship agenda. And get rid of “hate speech” online, they will do all they can to stomp on the voice of the people. It seems like it is a prime time to do it while they have the sheep’s minds occupied with something about hate.


a set up false flag yet again, the money behind it George Soros..


Harvey so if I pay off my car with the info it wont come back and bite me right?