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Winston Shrout Talks OPPT

Winston Shrout Talks OPPT

One of the best known and respected sovereign or free men in America, Winston Shrout, goes into detail about UCC1 filings and the OPPT. This interview is from 2013

Sharing information is what we do, regardless of the impact it has on whatever is being presented. Honest explanations from those much more in the know as far as Uniform Crap Code is concern and the success with which any of the documents filed, have. Winston Shrout is currently awaiting sentencing for a few years of tax evasion (14 counts) of which he was found guilty of back in April 2017.

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Hello Everybody–HARVEY–I just remembered this, I received a Medical bill for something about 45 days ago for around $1200 bucks—So i wrote on it ( APPROVED ) and signed my name–( ALL CAPS )—sent it back to them, ——-so far——-have NOT received any more from them————–TRY -IT PEOPLE. I will re-post if i get any thing else—-but so far–45 days out——nothing——need to try it with all bills—–car, home, elc, credit cards, —-but be smart about it—have the money set aside to pay it (if) it doesn’t come off your statement (or) you get another bill——just do one small bill at… Read more »

EARLB If the bills or statements that you wrote APPROVED and sign in ALL CAPS come back, you can ask always ask for a TRUE BILL which shows what you owe and see what happens. Since payment already came from the TRUST, a true bill will only show what you owe (which should be zero). Good advise about starting out small, like a small utility bill and see what happens. I understand that blue or purple ink should be used. Thanks for the post

Just my opinion, I have great respect for Winston Shrout’s knowledge, however keep in mind his business is selling information about how to operate in commerce. not how to be free of commerce, Uniform commercial codes (UCC). Hopefully someone will take a look at the info posted below, wanted to post a blog but cannot figure out how to navigate this board yet. …… ARE WE BEING USED? LENETTE ZANG/ / check this out, for critical thinkers like yourself, it is relevant..THINK AND PONDER THE QUESTION: – video title: Lynette Zang – Financial System is Trustless – Gold $9,300… Read more »